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Concord, NC Window Screen Replacement and Screened Porch Repair

Charlotte Screen Guys 704-909-7753

Window Screens and Screened Porch Repair and Replacement Concord, North Carolina


  • Window Screens Built New
  • Window Screen Replacement
  • Window Rescreens
  • Deck and under deck screening
  • Residential, Municipal, Commercial, Collegiate
  • Onsite Mobile Company--we come to you in Concord, NC


We love coming to you to replace or build your new window screens in Concord, but if you want to drop of your window screens to have us rescreen them, and then pick them up later, you can do that. Give us a call setup a convenient drop off time at one of our locations.

We stock a variety of screen meshes:

  • Standard Charcoal--if you want strong sturdy and are on a budget
  • Bettervue--Almost invisible and slight upgrade
  • Ultravue--Where is it? You can't see it. Upgraded invisibility mesh
  • Pet Screen--Very thick mesh so your cats can't rip it
  • Tuff Screen--Similar to pet screen but a little lighter duty
  • NoSeeums--even the smallest insect cannot get through. 

Those are the most common meshes. However, there are many other types of screen meshes. Don't see what you are looking for it, give us a call and we'll get it or probably already have it. 

You don't always to have pickets on your screened porch, especially if your home is on a slab. In Concord, you may want to consider open screened porch panels. This gives you a full view of your surroundings.

We do have several screened porch options for your screened porch repair or replacement:

Removable Screened Porch Panels, Aluminum Screened Porch Systems, Eze Breeze Porch Enclosures, CSG Aluminum Screened Porch Sliders, staple and trim (the old fashioned way).

Whatever system you choose, we will ensure your screens in Concord, North Carolina are tight as drum!

Call Charlotte Screen Guys today and get your free estimate.


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